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The sail and the structure of the WINDEE are remarkably finished: zicral tube structure, white lacquered uprights, hanging on the mast, anodized aluminum parts, sheathed cables, composite upper surface reinforcement at the root of the kingpost and the keel, lining of the trailing edge, integration of the battens at the trailing edge, modern fittings, rear position of the control bar.


The WINDEE takes off easily thanks to its low weight and the very low speeds of flights. Docile, the wing puts its pilot immediately at ease, responding instantly to his orders regardless of his flying technique. In bends, the WINDEE goes very easily and effortlessly, which is particularly pleasant for making a thermal profitable. In turbulence, it remains cushioned and homogeneous: its concept is pleasure, not fighting!
Reaching 80 km / h in a straight line overdrive, the WINDEE will allow you to learn to tow.
Descending below the meter / second at the minimum sink rate, exceeding ten maximum finesse, the WINDEE offers real performance to pilots, beginners or experienced, allowing them to progress.

The WINDEE: a wing that has all the flying qualities necessary for a fun and fun approach to free flight.

An online color selection tool is under construction.

To choose your colors, we invite you to take inspiration from the photos on our website. We can also send you a color chart to help you with your choices. Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions relating to colors and decorations. All of our wings are fully customizable.

  • Windee
    Windee 5160 €

    Windee wing without options

  • Windee Wing Technora
    Windee Wing Technora 6750 €

    The Windee Technora is composed of an upper and lower surfaces in Technora, it also has a specific decoration in the shape of an arrow. The batten pockets of this wing are colored, its leading edge is also Technora and its speed bar is profiled aluminum. Attention, this model already includes in its price the options Technora upper surface, Technora lower surface, Technora leading edge, integrated battens, aluminum profile speedbar and colored batten pocket.

  • Upper surface Dacron 5oz (white) 100 €

    For better durability than Dacron 4oz

  • Upper surface Mylar PE10 320 €
  • Upper surface Technora (PXB10) 470 €
  • Leading edge PX10T 350 €
  • Leading edge X Lam UV protected 250 €
  • Integrated battens 120 €

    On these Battens, the ends are profiled and integrate perfectly with the sail to reduce the drag.

  • Spare aerofoil uprights (pair) 110 €
  • Removable wheels 75 €

    Removable plastic wheels without dislodging the speed-bar. The wheels are made in two parts and screwed together.

  • Pneumatic training wheels 200mm 120 €

    Ideal for beginners and regular landings on the wheels.

  • Aluminum profiled speed-bar 300 €

    As a replacement for the classic round speed-bar, this speed-bar will give you a lower drag and a "performance" look.

  • Transport bag 165 €

    The transport bag is a thick bag that will protect your wing from the elements.

  • Removable wheels for aluminium profiled speed-bar 140 €

    Removable plastic wheels without dislodging the speed-bar. The wheels are made in two parts and screwed together.

  • WW wheels for aluminium profiled speed-bar 180 €

    Plastic wheels of the Wills Wings brand, these wheels smaller than the demountable wheels, are mounted in such a way that they do not need to be removed when dismantling the wing.

  • Keel profiling 79 €

    This keel profiling will reduce the drag of the wing and will provide a "performance" look.

  • Colored battens pocket 100 €

    To perfect the aesthetics and personalization of your wing.

  • Adjustable hang strap 68 €

    The adjustable hooking strap will allow you to perfectly adjust your height in relation to the control bar.