Ellipse-Delta is a designer and manufacturer of hang gliding wings for free flight and powered flight.

We are also an authorized reseller of the biggest world famous brands such as Wills Wing in the USA, and Moyes the famous Australian brand. We also take care of the technical follow-up.

We acquired the Hang Gliding division of Tecma-Sport, and now provide maintenance and repair for their wings.

Ellipse-Delta is a reseller of the French brand DTA. We perform overhauls and maintenance (trolley, engine and wing). We also take care of the revisions of other brands of fenders, used on heavy trikes.

Strongly present in the field of free flight and powered flight, we represent France in international competitions.

Our light trike (pulma) composed of the Alizé trolley, powered by the Swissauto 4 stroke certified aeronautical, under double surface Topless mystic wing, is positioned in the best places. Reliable, solid, efficient and sober, it has shown its ability to travel safely in calm but also very turbulent environments (article on the Alizé Mystic).