MYSTICSmoothness and Performance


Today Ellipse is expanding its offer with a new wing resolutely oriented to ULM and no longer free flight. Indeed thanks to its innovative design; n topless, wing tension modifiable in flight, winglets, the wing is intended to be more secure and efficient for long distance flights performed at high speed. Thanks to its course stability and high maximum speeds and levels for its category, you will easily follow the two-seater ULMs during your trips.

Ellipse has a lot of experience in topless wing. In 1986 Ellipse already marketed the first wing topless wing. Currently, the Mystic uses rigid shrouds as a replacement for the side cables. To ensure perfect pitch stability, a pair of balestrons integrated into the double surface act as neutral return ropes.



Surface area 12 m² 12 m²
Wingspan 9,4 m 9,4 m
Aspect ratio 6,4 6,4
Weight 35 kg 39 kg
Packed length 4,95 m 4,95 m
Max level flight speed 90 km/h 95 km/h
Cruising speed 60 à 80 km/h 65 à 85 km/h
Best glide ratio 11 12
Minimum sink rate 1,2 m/s à 46 km/h 1,2 m/s à 46 km/h
Stall speed 37 km/h 37 km/h


An online color selection tool is under construction.

To choose your colors, we invite you to take inspiration from the photos on our website. We can also send you a color chart to help you with your choices. Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions relating to colors and decorations. All of our wings are fully customizable.



2022 Bon de commande Mystic

2022 bon de commande Mystic CX