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Ellipse wills Wing reseller since 2010, this year also becomes Moyes reseller.
We take care of the order, transport and customs clearance.
The wings arrive at the workshop in a rigid cardboard box; the rear leading edges disassembled for a shorter bend.
Once in the workshop, the wings are unpacked, reassembled. During this process the sail and structure are carefully checked as if it were our own production.
The wings are then systematically tested before delivery.
You will find technical information and the price of the wings in the hang glider section on the Moyes website: https://www.moyes.com.au/products/hang-gliders
Please note, the prices are indicated exclusive of tax, so you will have to multiply them by the daily rate and then add 20%.
Harnesses are described in the harnesses section: https://www.moyes.com.au/products/harnesses
The Moyes site is in English, if you have any difficulty, especially in choosing the options, please do not hesitate to contact us. After knowing your wishes, we will establish a personalized quote in French.
We have a good number of original parts in stock, please contact us.
If the desired parts are not in stock, we will order them and add them to our next order to minimize import costs.