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Milan is an excellent compromise both in terms of its own qualities and value for money. This harness is intended for pilots wishing to play the card of comfort without sacrificing performance.

The Condor’s little brother, the Milan is lighter and less bulky. It keeps an internal structure in fiberglass and carbon and the safety harness validated on the Condor.

The Milan harness is adjusted to the pilot to achieve optimal drag reduction. The side storage is located outside the skin of the harness to provide ease when handling on the ground. Internal pockets on the back allow full storage of the wing guards. A storage volume at the boot of the harness creates an aerodynamic cone.

Sophisticated mechanics for comfort and efficiency

The structure of the Milan harness is composed of a carbon fiber back plate to save rigidity and weight, as well as a fiberglass core to provide cushioning through flexibility. The long back plate conforms to the morphology of the pilot, and allows a perfect cohesion with the shoulders and the neck of the pilot. The backplate has a rail where the carrying strap moves, allowing easy change of position. The size and position of this rail provide very good resistance to the standing position during the landing phase.

A manual system (cam cleat) or an automatic « kick-ass » type system makes it possible to adjust the incidence of the harness according to the flight phases, thermal or transitions.

There are plenty of storage pockets to store the cover and all of the wing’s protections. On the outside, several pockets are accessible in flight as well as an original hatch to house the radio and be able to control it in flight.

Weight in the bag without parachute: 7.8 kg for a 1.75 m pilot

Taking your measurements

Before ordering your harness, please tell us your measurements (in cm). The measurements (listed below) are to be taken in pants, t-shirt and flight shoes.



Caractéristiques Milan
Empty weight 7,8 kg
Angle setting Kick-ass or jam cleat
Parachute side right or left
Number of parachute 1 or 2


An online color selection tool is under construction.

To choose your colors, we invite you to take inspiration from the photos on our website. We can also send you a color chart to help you with your choices. Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions relating to colors and decorations. All of our wings are fully customizable.



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