Motorized free flight

The FUJI wing is renowned for its smoothness and precision of piloting as well as for its quality of finish specific to ELLIPSE. The FUJI, versatile and obediently responding to the slightest request, will give the beginner pilot confidence and give intense pleasure to the confirmed pilot.

The Fuji, a free flight wing adapted specifically and exclusively for power flight. It has kept the lightness and ease of assembly of the free-flight wings. In 10 minutes your wing is ready to be installed on the trike.

Handy and cushioned, the Fuji is similar to the control of classic wing with less inertia and heaviness. With a relatively wide speed range, the flight is very fun in the field, while offering beautiful ballads.

The Fuji is available in two surfaces to suit the desires and needs of each pilot. The large size is suitable, among other things, very well for electric drives.

Surface area 16 m² 17 m²
Wingspan 10 m 10 m
Aspect ratio 6,6 6,3
Wing weight 33 kg 33,5 kg
Packed length 5 m 5 m
Max level flight speed 75 km/h 72km/h
Cruising speed 40 à 60 km/h 35 à 55 km/h Stall speed 34km/h 32km/h
Best glide ratio 9,2 9
Minimum sink rate 1,3 m/s à 43 km/h 1,3 m/s à 41 km/h
Cruising speed 40 à 60 km/h 35 à 55 km/h Stall speed 34km/h 32km/h

An online color selection tool is under construction.

To choose your colors, we invite you to take inspiration from the photos on our website. We can also send you a color chart to help you with your choices. Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions relating to colors and decorations. All of our wings are fully customizable.

  • Fuji 17 4550 €

    Fuji 17 wing without option

  • Fuji 16 4350 €

    Fuji 16 wing without option

  • Upper surface Mylar PE10 320 €
  • Leading edge PX10T 350 €
  • Integrated battens 120 €

    On these Battens, the ends are profiled and integrate perfectly with the sail to reduce the drag.

  • Transport bag 165 €

    The transport bag is a thick bag that will protect your wing from the elements.