Comfortable, robust and all-terrain, the Alizé makes it possible to exploit small terrains and to carry out many hours of flight without fatigue: cruising with the engine, winding thermals or flying with the engine off.
This ultra-light tricycle is today the most comfortable and homogeneous single-seater for (re) discovering the pleasure of flight with or without an engine.

The compact and light Alizé is fully foldable. It is, among other things, possible to put it in a trunk of a station wagon.

The simplicity of assembly of the trolley and the wings designed for it, allow the assembly to be set up quickly.

Equipped with large wheels, the Alizé takes off and lands in the countryside without worry. The front wheel has a brake to reduce the landing distance and to drive serenely on the taxiways.

The structure of the Alizé is made of aircraft aluminum while the engine mount is made of steel.

The semi-lying riding position combines comfort and reduced drag. The adjustable hammock system makes the seat comfortable whatever the size of the pilot and lowers the center of gravity of the tricycle.

After several years of competition, the Alizé has proven its potential. First equipped with a CORS-AIR 2-stroke engine, Jean-Michel Serre takes second place in the world championships. In 2014, after the development and airing of the SWISSAUTO engine, it reached number one. This more powerful engine, while remaining very economical (4 liters / hour) will satisfy pilots eager for speed and travel. The CORS-AIR engine, although less powerful but very light and just as economical, remains the ideal choice for short trips and thermal flights.

  • Alizé trike without motor 3050 €
  • Alizé trike with CORSAIR M25Y motor 7600 €
  • Alizé trike with SWISSAUTO motor 11990 €
  • Manual rescue parachute with container 1040 €
  • Parachute alone 980 €
  • Parachute Container (can be placed on the front or on the side of the trike) 127 €
  • Front bag (instead of the reserve parachute) 115 €
  • Rear side bags (on each side of the tank) 65 €
  • Park cover 120 €
  • Front fairing with mounts 480 €
  • Rear wheel fairings with mounting accessories, to be prepared 295 €
  • Rear wheel fairings with mounts, ready to fit 360 €
  • Front fairing set, rear wheels, fixings, ready to assemble 800 €
  • Ergonomic 25 liter tank 165 €